Sync Licensing Essentials

Everything you need to know about sync licensing

What Will You Learn?

How sync licensing works.

What kind of music you can and can't license.

How music libraries work.

What sync licensing agreements look like.

Where you can find sync licensing opportunities.

And much much more.

How Will You Learn It?

Short videos and good looking text transcripts.

How Will You Implement What You've Learned?

You'll get a printable checklist with clear action steps to complete.

Who Should Enroll?

You want to get your music on TV.

You learn best when the content is short and answers one question at a time.

You want to focus on the essentials so you have more time to submit your music to sync licensing opportunities.

Who Should NOT Enroll?

You already know all about sync licensing.

You have plenty of time and patience to research the industry yourself.

You already know how royalty-free libraries, music supervisors, synchronization and master use agreements work.

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